Canopy LED (contact us for pricing)

The Canopy LED is a self contained motion sensing LED light that is rechargeable and portable.  The light recharges via micro USB port, has a 3.7V 850mAh lithium polymer battery and (10) 6000K cool white LED's.  The motion sensor functions in total darkness or weak ambient light and will activate when you get within a 3.5 foot range.  Light turns off automatically after 20 seconds of inactive motion in sensing range. On/Off/Auto are the 3 Modes available via the end selector switch.  

The LED has 3 strong neodymium magnets for ferrous metal mounting and also includes the 7/8" tube mount.  The mount is made from a high quality composite that clips securely over any 7/8" diameter tube, like the ones used by Softopper and Bestop canvas tops.  The included screw mounting holes are optional to keep the mount from rotating on the tube or sliding laterally when the top is folded away.  The light magnetically attaches to a steel plate in the composite housing and easily detaches to be mounted to the underside of the hood to illuminate the engine bay or under the vehicle on any ferrous metal. 

If more than one light is purchased they can both be used simultaneously via the motion sensor.  Each light will activate when movement is detected then cycle back off again after 20 seconds.  I have personally used and tested these on my Toyota Tacoma with Softopper retractable top.  The only issue I had with my Softopper was that the cab light was blocked by the top and would not illuminate the bed.  At night when I went to get something out of the bed I always had to have a flashlight with me as I could not see.  With the Canopy LED the light stays mounted to the top bows and turns on only if it senses motion then automatically deactivates when you are done.  I have tens of thousands of miles commuting at night with 2 Canopy LED's mounted and they do not activate accidentally.  Even while traveling down the highway and the Softopper bouncing around in 80 mph wind the lights stay off and in place on the bows.